Eoin Conway is one of Ireland’s finest arrangers of choral music, with works performed or recorded by New Dublin Voices, the UCD Choral Scholars, the choir of Christ Church Cathedral Dublin, the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, and many more. As a professional singer and conductor, Eoin has a deep understanding of how voices work, how to show a choir in its best light, and how to write music that is both easy to learn and gratifying to sing. 


“My musical influences all find a way into my arrangements somewhere. For example, I’ve sung early music and Renaissance polyphony for years in choirs, and this influence comes out in the form of smooth melodic lines, and expressive use of dissonance. I sing a lot of barbershop, and that influence comes out in the vertical sonority, wanting to balance the chords so that they ring and resonate, and also in the need to prioritise the text, looking for the sounds that will best express the story I’m trying to tell. I played jazz piano in a couple of bands, so some jazz harmony will often bubble to the surface. And I’ve always loved film scores, so I think my music has a certain visual quality to it, in my head I’m always accompanying images suggested by the song.”


You can hear some of Eoin’s arrangements on the CDs Make We Merry by New Dublin Voices, Perpetual Twilight by the UCD Choral Scholars, Hide and Seek by 4 in a Bar, and also during this festival. Some of his pieces are published by Cailino Music Publishers and Seolta Music, but Eoin is also available to write custom arrangements, tailored to suit your ensemble. 


“I’ve never been a fan of arrangements that are just like the original but with extra vocal parts, or with instrumental parts transcribed for voices. I want to take the song and rewrite it for choir, to create something new.” 

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